The LiveLend Reward Loan adapts to improvements in your credit score.

Score goes up.

Rate comes down.

For every 25 points your credit score increases, we'll reduce your rate by 2%.

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How it works

We’ll look at your credit score every three months and if your credit score has gone up by 25 points, we’ll automatically reduce your loan rate. Don't worry, this check won't affect your credit score.

For every 25 points that your credit score increases, we’ll reduce your loan rate by 2%, as long as you're up to date with your repayments.

We’ll reduce your loan rate straight away and reduce your monthly repayment, so your loan will cost you less! Your loan rate can reduce all the way down to 7.9%.

Best of all, if your credit score gets worse, we’ll never put your rate back up.

What others are saying

"Thank you LiveLend! So far so good I'd say! My application was completed in a few minutes. Very simple and user friendly website as well."


"Can't believe a company like this exists. Applied through ClearScore. I will never use my bank for a loan again... with a 5 min process the money was here in 10 min hassle free."

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